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hai all..
yesterday i found my internet connections are soooo slow that i fell a sleep waiting my pages loading. hmm i'm curious what happen with my connection so i try to found out who is the one who use lot of bandwidth on my network.

i use this tool called Softperfect Bandwidth Manager..this tool is very useful to managing ur bandwidth so u can control the quota or managing who has the biggest bandwidth.

here's some reviews

BDM has a feature to control the use of quotas, use this feature to save your quota usage ..

Setting up SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager (BDM) Rules on the server comp

* I assume ICS network has been connected properly, to know how to build a network with ICS model please see the .... Uncle google: p
* Install SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager (BDM) on the server computer, then run the login prompt will appear, immediately press the "OK" because by default it does not use the password service BDM

note: if you fail when the login process first try restarting your computer again, if still can not log BDM try to check whether the service is running or not, please go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services

try to scroll down make sure the service BDM the status is "started"

After successful login click the Rules menu -> Add Rule

Enter the "Rules" that we will create, in this example please refer back to the setting "Rules" above is a picture of the application of Rules in Software BDM

Settings at the top is the setting for comp A, while for Comp B and C, the same way, there has been little change is in the "Single IP Address", change the IP Address belongs to Comp B ( and then proceed with the IP Address Comp C (

When finished setting up the client computer (comp A, B, C) then the result will look like below

note: you can add Rules in accordance with the requirements

# Done:)
# To check please go to the Tools menu -> Live Bandwidth Monitor, where you can see a graph of bandwidth usage by each computer

Controlling Quota With SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager

* For users of broadband Internet access based on the volume based sometimes we like to have thoughts like this "How well do so 3Giga sufficient quota during a month of internet usage?, So there is no over-quota which of course makes wallets drained:)"
* Now using the SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager (BDM) is you can very easily control the quota
* The example I use the internet connection that has a quota 3Giga Broom that means if the count-hitung3Giga / 30 days = 100MB, meaning in one day, use the maximum quota is 100MB

If the quota has reached its maximum point (100MB) then the internet connection will be automatically disconnected, and I have to wait for the next day to get a 100MB quota again (re-connected to the Internet)
* Now I'll exemplifies how setting up BDM in order to control the use of quotas kita.Silahkan-back to the BDM is click on the Tools menu -> Quota Manager, then click the New button, then input the settings for his quota, for example 100 MB per day (see picture)

* For the "Initial Rate" you can enter values ​​as needed, "Initial Rate" is the bandwidth provided if the quota per day (100MB) is still missing or invalid
* While the "Reduced Rate" is the bandwidth provided if the quota per day (100MB) has expired, in the example shown I select "Blocked" which means if the quota usage per day (100MB) has expired then the internet connection will be disconnected automatically

After successfully click the OK button, then the result will look like this

Lastly, do not forget to add the Rules on the BDM, the contents of Rules with a maximum quota per day (100MB/HARI) who had just made​​. menu click Rules -> Add Rule, then enter his settings as below


# Done:)
# To check how much quota is used up, please see the section "Quota Used"

Try the test, maximize the use of quotas 100MB/day until they run out (quota used = 100%), then all the computers (Comp A, B, C and SERVER) will be disconnected from the Internet automatically, and you and your friends who are engrossed facebooking must wait until tomorrow to get back online, so efficient use of quotas



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