Origami Instruction: Brontosaurus

good evening..

did you see the image above?its a dinosaurus called Brontosaurus. Brontosaurus means thunder Lizard in english. There's always at least one Brontosaurus in almost every dinosaur movies, so i guess you all know what brontosaurus looks like.
Now i wanna share u how to make Brontosaurus origami. This origami need practice in the making but believe me its worth it. Just prepare your paper and you can use bigger paper for starter to make it easier and u can use standard paper if u like too.

have fun

click HERE for needed Origami Tools


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Papercraft Instruction:: Lightning McQueen [CARS2]

Good evening folks.

have u seen the Cars 2 movie?if u have u must have already know who is lightning Mc Queen. his the main character on that movie. He is a red Sport car with smashing stickers all over his body..lol. Today i wanna share u all how to make Lightning McQueen Papercraft. this papercraft is awesomely cool. u can even store it along with ur action figure collection.

so here is the instructions

u can download the patern HERE

Click HERE for more Papercraft Instructions

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origami Instruction: Elephant

Good evening..

Do you see the image above?? yess i wanna teach u how to make an Elephant Origami. this origami instruction has 2 sheets of instruction i guess its an intermediate origami. But u can make this origami while u explain to ur kids about the elephant..its even more fun if u make it with big size of square paper because the elephants is big animal ^^

so here is the instruction..

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Origami Instruction: Hungry Bat

Goot afternoon

Origami for today is Hungry Bat. this Origami is quite simple to make. and the result is quite similar to the living bat. so its a good origami ^^. u can teach ur kids or student to make it while u explain about how they live, where they live, why they sleep upside down, etc. so prepare ur paper and lets make it now.

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Papercraft Instruction: Tux (Linux Penguin)

Good day folks..

did u know who is the penguin image above??yes its Tux, the penguin from Linux logo. today im gonna share u how to make the Tux Papercraft. its pretty easy to make papercraft, and it's cute ^^..im sure ur kids gonna enjoy making this. Even if u didn't know who is Tux, this papercraft is still fun to make. now prepare ur paper,printer, and glue..

here is the instruction..

More papercraft instructions HERE

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Origami Instruction: Rabbit

Hello everyone..

today i wanna share u Rabbit Origami Instruction. this origami instruction is not hard to make so u can teach anybody including ur kids or ur student to make it. ths instruction in the image below is in japanese (or chinese i dont know either) but im sure u can make it even without have to read the instruction. i mean u can just make this origami with the image from the instruction below.

well then..cya later folks ^^

For complete origami instructions click Here 

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Papercraft Instruction: Boo [Monster Inc]

Good afternoon.

Today i wanna share u a papercraft instruction of 1 character from Disney and Pixar movie Monster Inc, Boo. this a 2 year old girl that frightened all monster in the Monster Inc first movie though i think she's a cute lil lady (in a human perception). Anyway this Papercraft Instruction contain 3 pages of instruction and this Boo will stand about 18cm in height.


You can download the instruction HERE
and the bonus goes here:Great Magazines

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Origami Instruction: Pig Origami

Good afternoon..

today i wanna share u how to make a Pig Origami. this origami is an advanced origami but the result is awsome. for u who follow my post, i guest u'll know that this origami is one of the hardest to make origami. well, this is it:

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Papercraft Instruction: R2-D2 StarWars

Hello there..

hi folks..this morning i found something interesting over the net. its the R2-D2 robot papercraft from the StarWars movies. its not as simple to make as it may look but its a great papercraft. if u r a Starwars movies fans u r definitely have to make this papercraft. so what r u waiting for??lets make it ^^

it have 5 pages of instructions so im affraid u have to download it all to have the full pattern. But dont worry, its worth the download :))

and here is the model 

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Origami Instruction: Iguanodon

Good day..

its rainy here folks...but that doesnt stop me from sharing u this great origami instruction. this Origami called Iguanodon, thats a prehistoric creature..it lives few hundreds million years before now i guess. yes its a dinosour like in the movies, i know that.

anyway, teach ur kids or student to make this, so they'll know they can make their own dinosour without having to buy the dinosour action figure at the store.

here is the instruction n....have fun ^^

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Origami Instruction: Phoenix

Good day folks. >

now i wanna share u how to make a Phoenix. does anyone know what Phoenix is? Phoenix is a bird, heavenly bird that can not die. in the Harry Potter movies n books, theres a phoenix called Fawkes who can back in to live from its ashes. offcourse its a myth bird. the closest bird which has similarity with the phoenix image is Cendrawasih bird from Papua Indonesia. Cendrawasih means Bird of Heaven. search google for the detail..lol

now for the instruction, the diagram below is the instruction to make a phoenix bird...have fun ^^
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Origami Instruction:: Bull

Good Day everyone

the above diagram is an origami instruction to make Bull. thats not so easy origami to make, but u can still teach your kids to make it. make this origami by ur self first then u can teach ur kids so they can see the complete shape first.

well..have fun folks^^
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HD Wallpaper for Galaxy Wonder GT-I8150

Good afternoon

now i just wanna share u my wallpaper collection for Galaxy Wonder GT-I8150 which is my phone right now. my wonder has a Slimbean 3.1.0 ROM, camcory kernel, Holo Launcher HD plus, WTX Burst for the speed tweak, n Beats audio for the sound tweak.

here's the screenshots of my wallpapers

for the complete collections of my HD wallpaper for your android device..please download it HERE

please note that i dont make these wallpapers my self..I SEARCH THROUGH INTERNET THEN I COMPILED IT
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enjoy ^^

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Paprecraft Instruction: Gary

Good day

the image above is the papercraft of gary..its sponge bob's snail. gary is a really smart snail, i think it even smarter than Patrick..lol
Gary talk n communicate in a different language among other characters in the sponge bob series, it just say "miauw..miauw" all the time, but the funny thing is sponge bob knows exactly what is gary talking about..lol
anyway, if u have make sponge bob papercraft from my previous post, it wont be completed if u havent make Gary too..

so here it is

download the instruction HERE

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Papercraft Instruction: Patrick Starr

Good morning folks

He's Pink, he's fatty, he's spongebob's bestfriend forever, he's funny (or dumb), n he's star..yess he is Patrick Star ^^..i really love this character, he's lil bit dumb but he's honest..hehehe..
make this papercraft to complete ur sponge bob series character.

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Papercraft Instruction: Mr.Krab

Good afternoon guys..

i've post a papercraft instruction: sponge bob before,n now time for mr Krab^^, he's sponge bob's boss if dont know him yet (but im 1000% sure u know that), always have great hunger for pennies,n his also Pearls father..he's rather antagonic figure in the sponge bob series but..hes funny^^

so..have fun making

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Papercraft Instruction: Sponge Bob

Good Day Folks..

the picture above is papercraft instruction to make sponge bob. well who doesnt love sponge bob ^^,  yellow sponge who live under the sea with his pineaple house. i'll tell u what, try to make it on sunday with ur kids..they'll love it, they'll love u..lol

thats it for today..cya later folks ^^

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